Brimstone90 Analysis: 0-0-0-225 (SO3)



  • Increase crop yields
  • Increase crop quality
  • Provides crop with season long supply of sulphur
  • Improves nitrogen utilisation
  • Not subject to leaching
  • Uniform distribution through a wide range of spreaders

Brimstone90 comprises consistently sized 4mm x 2mm half bun shaped pastilles containing 90% sulphur and specially formulated bentonite clay for rapid dispersion of elemental sulphur particles on contact with the soil.

The special formulation enables the different sized particles of sulphur within the pastille to breakdown at different rates so that there is a steady conversion to sulphate over time.

Brimstone 90 is ideal for blending with other fertilisers or application on its own. Its free flowing and dust free characteristics make it easy to handle, move, and store making it user-friendly in the field for application to the widest range of crops.

  • Brimstone90
    standard pastilles for regular sulphur application
  • Brimstone90 minis
    smaller pastilles
  • Brimstone90 + Boron
    standard pastilles also containing the micro nutrient Boron
  • Brimstone90 WDG
    90% S water dispersible granules

Element to Oxide

Sulphur recommendations are given as kg SO3/ha not kg S/ha.

Element to Oxide
P to P2O5 Multiply by 2.291
K to K20 Multiply by 1.205
Mg to MgO Multiply by 1.658
S to SO3 Multiply by 2.5
“I started using Brimstone90 last year, and saw an immediate improvement in crop vigour followed by my best ever yield. Can't get enough of it!”

Arable farmer, UK