Sulphur is an essential plant nutrient which is required for the formation of several amino acids, proteins, and vitamins and for chlorophyll production. It also helps the plant to resist stress from weather, insects and diseases.

Along with nitrogen, sulphur is a critical component of the essential amino acids methionine and cysteine, and therefore proteins and enzymes. This means that Sulphur is at the very hub of plant cell and tissue activities, and the very basis of life, growth and production.

Sulphur is present with varying degrees in nearly all soils. Soils with clay and gravel have generally more sulphur present than sandier soils from high rainfall areas. This is due in part to the composition of the original parent rock.

Organic sulphur, which is mineralised into plant available sulphate sulphur, is more prevalent in soils with high clay and gravel content. The sandier soils from higher rainfall areas do not have any ability to restrict the leaching of water soluble sulphate sulphur.

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