Brimstone90 is a high quality brand of sulphur/bentonite, owned and manufactured by the National Establishment for Agricultural and Industrial Sulphur (NEAIS) in Saudi Arabia.


National Est. For Agricultural and Industrial Sulphur (NEAIS) is a member of the prestigious Said Ali Ghodran Group. NEAIS has been manufacturing and supplying worldwide, high quality agriculturaI and industrial sulphur products for many satisfied customers since 1983.

Products range from Sulphur powders through to specialized Drop Formed Technology products producing dust free, consistently sized 4 x 2 mm 99.0% Sulphur pastilles and a 90% Sulphur based water degradable pastille (Brimstone 90) for the agricultural industry as a crop nutrient.

NEAIS care for customers by ensuring that they are supplied with the best quality products & full satisfaction with services under ISO 9001:2000.

Passion Ag

Our team has over 30 years experience distributing fertiliser and Sulphur products internationally, ranging from industrial sulphur for the rubber and polymer industries to agricultural sulphur for crop and animal nutrition.

More recently, novel and unique plant biostimulants and starter fertilisers have been added to the product portfolio, demonstrating our commitment to improving crop nutrition.

We are passionate about Sulphur and the many uses it offers, with a particular focus on how to use it to improve production in agriculture.

“I’ve been using Brimstone90 for 15 years, and wouldn’t be without it on all my grassland”

Dairy farmer, New Zealand