Sulphur plays a vital role in crop nutrition and needs to be in balance with other nutrients especially with Nitrogen. Insufficient S will impact on the utilisation of applied Nitrogen.

Brimstone90, being an elemental sulphur based product, provides a sustained release of Sulphate (SO4) throughout the cropping season, and is easy to apply with a wide application window. It is also the most concentrated form of Sulphur available on the market (90% S) providing haulage, application and storage savings.

S describes the actual element in its elemental form.

SO3 is the unit of measure that was adopted by the fertiliser industry to be able to compare the concentration of Sulphur over the range of Sulphur products on the market. SO3 amounts can be converted to S by dividing by 2.5 (and vice versa elemental S can be converted to SO3 by multiplying by 2.5) 

SO4 is the form of sulphur (sulphate) that can be assimilated by the plant.

Sulphur (S) is required for the formation of several amino acids, proteins, and vitamins and for chlorophyll production. It also helps the plant to resist stress from weather, insects and diseases. Please see our nutrition section for more detailed info.

Application can be made from establishment of the crop, and for winter crops in the UK and Europe, this can continue throughout the autumn to spring, bearing in mind that Brimstone90 needs to be broken down by the soil bacteria and the speed of breakdown will be dependent on factors such as soil temperature and moisture levels.

ROI is “return on investment”, and it has been consistently demonstrated globally over a wide range of crops, seasons and soil types that having an adequate level of Sulphur available to the plant, especially at critical stages in the life cycle of the crop, provides a healthy return on investment, in terms of both yield and quality.

“I’ve been using Brimstone90 for 15 years, and wouldn’t be without it on all my grassland”

Dairy farmer, New Zealand